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KSL Resorts Teams with Evertreen to Promote Environmental Sustainability

KSL Resorts Teams with Evertreen to Promote Environmental Sustainability

With a focus on driving positive change and reducing carbon emissions, KSL Resorts has partnered with Evertreen – a pioneering platform facilitating online tree planting and tracking – to plant more than 1,300 trees in Kenya, helping to restore the area’s delicate ecosystem while generating jobs for local youth.

According to Ian Pullan, SVP of Asset Management, by planting trees, KSL and Evertreen are joining forces to contribute to environmental sustainability, while supporting the local economy. “As part of our On Purpose sustainability program, for Earth Day this year we pledged to plant one tree for each reservation made that day at our portfolio of hotels and resorts,” Pullan said. “With the support of Evertreen, which sponsors tree planting throughout the world, we were able to plant 1,331 trees in the mangroves of Kenya – a coastal area severely impacted by deforestation. Planting trees helps mitigate the impact of global climate change while supporting biodiversity and providing a tremendous source of cleaner air. Although these trees are planted in Kenya, their impact is global. In this case, the trees planted can absorb up to 380 kgs of carbon dioxide per tree.”

KSL Resorts initially embarked on a partnership with Evertreen in 2023 and to date has planted 5,000 trees – absorbing 750 tons of carbon dioxide and generating 625 working hours in Kenya.

Through an enduring and ongoing partnership with Evertreen, Pullan says, “We ultimately hope to foster more sustainable, prosperous and equitable futures for our communities, our planet, our hotels and resorts.”

Aimed at acting with intent and commitment, KSL’s On Purpose program provides a detailed, strategic and scientific approach to reducing the company’s collective environmental impact – reinforcing and enhancing existing companywide sustainability initiatives.

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“Our partnership with Evertreen marks an important milestone in our quest to help create a sustainable future and do what’s right for future generations and the environment,” Pullan says.

More information on Evertreen is available at

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