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Beyond Green Properties Champion Planet vs. Plastics Mission

Beyond Green Properties Champion Planet vs. Plastics Mission

Amidst a strong demand worldwide for tourism practices that are meaningful and responsible, Beyond Green, a global portfolio of some of planet Earth’s most sustainable accommodations, is helping lead the way in shaping a plastic-free future for generations to come. This Earth Day (April 22), Beyond Green is embracing the ethos of the initiative’s Planet vs. Plastics theme, advocating for a 60 percent reduction in plastic production by 2040, thereby safeguarding human and planetary health and setting the stage for the realization of a plastic-free world.

Offering travelers a more intuitive way to find and book inspiring, impactful hotel experiences, each property within the Beyond Green portfolio undergoes rigorous vetting based on over 50 sustainability indicators that align with global tourism standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Across the world, the brand’s member properties are dedicated to three core pillars essential to sustainable tourism – Nature, Culture, and Community – ensuring they play their part in preserving our planet for future generations while delivering exceptional guest experiences.

As detailed in the brand’s 2023 Global Impact Report, Beyond Green shares‘s goals of rapidly phasing out all single use plastics by 2030 and investing in innovative technologies and materials to advance the Planet vs. Plastics initiative. Eliminating single use plastic is a key focus, given that the production of a single plastic water bottle requires six times its volume in water. As a result, all Beyond Green member properties have successfully eradicated single-use water bottles from their hotel operations, a prerequisite for any hotel joining the portfolio. In addition to this core initiative, Beyond Green properties implement various other measures to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics. For instance, they provide locally made toiletries in reusable containers, as exemplified by The Leela Palaces in Bengaluru and Udaipur, which use a signature scent inspired by Kumud, India’s national flower. Other efforts include organizing beach cleanups at Miami Beach’s The Palms Hotel & Spa, collecting and repurposing bottle caps to be repurposed into wheelchair accessibility runways on the beaches surrounding Arenas Del Mar in Costa Rica, and utilizing 100 percent biodegradable and compostable garbage bags, as seen at Bentwood Inn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Starhotels E.c.ho. in Milan, Italy also contributes by participating annually in the “Urban Plogging” initiative, collecting plastic waste during neighborhood walks.

Sustainable tourism can help protect our planet’s natural environment, safeguard cultural heritage, and bring social and economic benefits to local communities. Beyond Green members continue to make a positive impact around the world via a variety of ambitious initiatives including:

On-Site Water Bottling at and Beyond Bateleur Camp (Masai Mara, Kenya): 

Set beside the Great Rift Valley, andBeyond Bateleur Camp offers guests an unforgettable opportunity to witness Africa’s majestic wildlife up close throughout the year. This luxurious safari camp is dedicated to preserving the pristine environment of the Masai Mara National Reserve. Through its on-site water-bottling plant, the camp eliminates the equivalent of over 20,000 single-use plastic water bottles annually. This not only preserves the natural beauty of the surroundings but also conserves an impressive 60,000 liters of water, as it typically requires three liters of water to produce a single liter of plastic bottled water. By eliminating plastic, a fossil fuel-derived product, the camp significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Turning Glass into Sand at The Ranch at Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach, California):

At The Ranch at Laguna Beach, a quintessential Southern California resort nestled amidst the breathtaking convergence of canyon and sea, an on-site glass-bottle crusher converts glass into sand for use across the property’s GEO-certified golf course. This unique process has a deep impact, reducing the glass waste stream by 90 percent. Biodegradable bamboo keys replace plastic keys to reduce landfill waste, and excess toiletries are rounded up and recycled for people in need through The Ranch’s partnership with Clean the World. 

Championing Sustainability Across the Villages Surrounding Aristi Mountain Resort (Zagori Region, Greece):

Situated within the lush hillside of the recently designated UNESCO Cultural Heritage site in the Zagori region of northern Greece, Aristi Mountain Resort embodies authenticity, encircled by ancient villages and Byzantine monasteries linked by historic stone bridges dating back to the Byzantine Empire. Aristi helped found the Zagori Excellence Network to promote sustainable tourism practices, including the resort’s ban on single-use plastics, throughout Zagori’s 46 villages. Comprising local hotels, restaurants, and tour companies, the alliance also prioritizes the support of community businesses and preserving local churches and monasteries.

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Showcasing Recycled Materials in Construction at The Brando (Tetiaroa, French Polynesia):

Driven by the visionary ethos of actor Marlon Brando and resort owner Richard Bailey, The Brando is designed to minimize its environmental impact on Motu Onetahi and the Tetiaroa atoll. As the world’s first resort to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification, it prioritizes the use of local, renewable, and recycled building materials. This commitment ensures that guests’ experiences resonate while leaving no trace on the atoll, showcasing a deep respect for the environment and Polynesian culture. Within the Tetiaroa community, diverse stakeholders including partners, environmental advocates, researchers, and academic bodies collaborate to advance sustainability.

Fostering Accountability Through Transparency at Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti (Pinzolo, Italy):

Located in the Dolomite mountains, Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti offers panoramic views of northern Italy’s towering Alps, dense woodlands, and verdant valleys. Guests enjoy exquisitely appointed rooms adorned with oak and chestnut wood accents, enhanced by elegant stone details. As a ClimaHotel-certified destination, the resort employs cutting-edge technologies and strategic management practices to integrate sustainability into its operations while also educating guests about environmental responsibility. The Lefay properties proudly share their sustainability achievements and objectives in an annual report distributed to stakeholders in Italy and around the world.

To celebrate Earth Day, I Prefer Hotel Rewards, Preferred Travel Group’s loyalty program, is rewarding members for booking sustainable stays by launching a limited-time Bonus Points Promotion. This promotion gifts I Prefer members with 20,000 Bonus Points when they book a minimum two-night stay at a participating Beyond Green property, including Aristi Mountain Resort, Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti, The Brando, The Ranch at Laguna Beach, The Palms Hotel & Spa and Starhotels E.c.ho. Points can be redeemed for Reward Certificates, which never expire and can be used like cash towards free room nights at any participating Beyond Green I Prefer property and other on-property expenditures. To take advantage of the offer, bookings must contain a valid I Prefer member number and be made via / or by contacting Beyond Green’s Global Reservations team. Travelers must book between April 22-23, 2024 for a minimum two-night stay through June 30, 2024. 

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