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Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries – A Pocket of Wilderness

Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries – A Pocket of Wilderness

Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries is a newly-launched 34-acre eco-resort that sits on the periphery of Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It features opulent villas, private pool residences, restaurants, bars and a relaxing spa – all in the heart of a remote jungle.
Despite being home to nearly 170 species of birds and animals, including the Bengal Tiger and Indian Leopard, Tipeshwar is often overlooked by tourists for more commercial national parks like Pench and Tadoba, allowing you to immerse in its serene ambiance, away from the crowds.
Guests can indulge in a range of activities, including guided nature walks, orchard visits, stargazing, and the star of the show — mid-safari breakfast. You can unwind on a private gazebo with a round of cocktails, luxuriate in bio pools, enjoy showers under the open sky and foster connections with local villagers.
Space & Sustainability
From self-cleaning swimming pools and rainwater harvesting to serving hyper-local flavors of the land, the property places a strong emphasis on supporting the region and its people.
“In India, too often we confuse luxury with standardization, wildlife with safari, and sustainability with austerity. I wanted to create an experience that goes beyond the typical safari-buffet-bed formula, one that celebrates the joys of the jungle while conserving natural resources and empowering local communities. At Wildlife Luxuries, we see each guest as an individual with unique tastes and reasons for their holiday,” shares founder Keyur Joshi.
Every detail of the design is crafted for your comfort and the well-being of the environment. Instead of relying on foreign labor, the team has trained local villagers in techniques like rammed earth construction and stone masonry.
Moving away from typical hotel furnishings, the interiors are adorned with handwoven textiles using organic natural fibers. The whole place is kitted with Indian wool dhurries and custom organic cotton textiles. But, a standout piece is the sheer curtain, printed with actual indigenous leaves from the region.
Everything, from the terracotta roofs, crafted by local potters to the handspun fabric tailored for the regional climate, reflects a commitment to local craftsmanship and sustainability.
Wild Dining
Tipai offers a range of outdoor dining experiences, with scenic views everywhere. Perch is an all-day restaurant that serves a new Indian menu each day of the week. Wadi is a farm-to-table dining spot, offering Italian flavors with pizza-making workshops.
Its latest addition is Palaash by Chef Amninder Sandhu, the F&B Partner at Wildlife Luxuries. The menu serves a rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, with inspiration from the heartlands of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.
Utilizing rare and indigenous spices, the dishes are prepared in a traditional style, using open-fire and gasless cooking. Most ingredients are sourced from the on-site kitchen garden and nearby organic farms.
Tipai by Wildlife Luxuries is open to guests and visitors, offering al-fresco living, tiger-spotting and culinary delights in an off-the-radar destination that’s worth a visit.

by: Katha Nauriyal


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