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Travel Workouts – Your No Excuses Guide to Getting it Done

Travel Workouts – Your No Excuses Guide to Getting it Done

Feel like you have a hard time getting in a workout when you’re traveling? Sure, we’re out of our regular routine that we would have being at home. However, for my frequent travelers out there:
Get my drift?
As a Travel Wellness Agent and personal planner for frequent business travelers, we work together to develop a foolproof plan suggesting where to workout, what to do for exercises, healthy food options, and scheduling in an extra hour before a flight to get some well-being time in.
One of the best ways to ensure you get that workout and not and not blame [INSERT EXCUSE HERE] and to wear your fitness attire when you fly. There are quite a few benefits to wearing travel athleisure over your typical work attire, including:

  • greater circulation, which is incredibly important for heart health, and an issue for airplane travel
  • easier to maneuver on the plane (have you ever had to put your carry-on in the overhead bin wearing a skirt and heels?)you’ll be ready to go for a workout precisely once you land, even if you’re too early for check-in, you can gain access to the gym facilities and don’t need to change
    comfort wins
    Now, you can be comfortable and stylish! On a recent trip to Chicago to speak at a business travel conference on Personal Well-being and frequent travel resilience, I went prepared. Damn right, I walked my walk. The first place I went once I landed? The yoga room in Chicago O’Hare Airport, and then to the gym for some weights and cardio at the hotel. In order to do so, I’ve got to dress Fit to Fly!
    I’ve partnered with adidas to share 5 of my top picks for travel atheisure that will take you from your flight to your fitness center, excuse-free. Here’s what I’m packing:

The Deets:
You’ll want a breathable run or cross-training sneaker that is sleek and stylish. Steer away from the bright, obnoxious colors and opt for mono-tones or neutrals for the business readers in the crowd. You’ll want a sneaker with good foot bedding to use for both working out and comfort in the airport and flight that has the ability to tie or slip on and off fairly easily.
On that note, pack and extra pair of socks to have for after your workout. Or, just in case you sweat in flight, it’s always good to have an extra set on hand (ahem, foot).


The Deets:
For each hour you’re in flight, you loose 8 ounces of water. Bringing a water bottle with you, you’ll want this for both on the plane and in the gym. Many airports have refillable water bottle stations throughout the terminals these days, so you don’t need to go the plastic bottle route. When you get to the gym, double up on the hydro servings — your body’s already dehydrated from the plane, and sweating can do the same, if you’re not replacing fluids first.


The Deets:
There’s a quote: “Life is like an onion: you peel off one layer at a time.” Well, when you travel, dress like an onion and prepare for whatever climate and life can throw at you.
As mentioned above, temperatures can fluctuate on a plane, and also from one’s departure origin to another’s arrival destination. Wearing layers can give you options, and it’s saves space in your carry-on. I’m a huge zip-up hoodie fan, because you cover your head and eyes to protect from any germs in flight, or when you want to sleep. With a zipper, you can easily slip it on and off as you need with the varying degrees without having to pull something awkwardly over your head, possibly knocking your neighbor in the shoulder during the process.
When you think of hoodies, get the notion that your college varsity sweatshirt is what we have in mind. Think style.

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The Deets:
Air temperatures on planes can shift varying degrees, depending on the plane, location and cabin crew. Typically, they veer on the cold to freezing side of the spectrum, and there’s never a guarantee (even on overnight flights) that you’ll be reserved a blanket to keep covered. Best to bring your own, and one that can double as a workout towel after.


The Deets:
Personally, I’m a huge backpack fan for travel, for a few reasons. They typically have great storage with multiple pockets to easily organize your work, fitness, and healthy snack (you’re bringing healthy snacks, right, warriors!?) all in one place. Plus, the dual straps of a backpack are far healthier for your spine to carry than a single sling bag over one shoulder.
Last but not least, plan ahead by scoping out where you’re going to workout by searching airport gyms, nearby airport hotel gyms you can get access to, or if the hotel you’re staying at has a gym you can use. Or, have a workout ready to go that you can do that doesn’t require any equipment, such as Yoga For Travel or 10 Min Traveler Fitness Workout.

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