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Wellness Tips: 7 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday

Wellness Tips: 7 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday

Why does holiday travel always bring the feelings of conflict, chaos & calories? Like you, I do not love stress; so I’ve gotten pretty good and keeping it to a minimum (as much as possible for a motivated, free spirit like myself). BUT, I AM too familiar with feeling out of sorts, sad and sluggish during the weeks and months ahead… can anyone relate? What do you usually do? Does it have to be this way? I’ve decided no.

The answer is this: we can set our minds… before we takeoff… for a gathering, a flight or all the festivities that we get ourselves involved in during holiday season. We can determine to commit, to keep our goals (even imperfectly) and setting intentions to receive what we want from all these experiences.

I believe this will not only avoid stress and weight gain, but it will also make the time with our family what it’s meant to be about: Happiness, joy & celebration (guilt-free)! So, I’m going to share some really practical tips on how to remain in control of your diet/fitness/health, while keeping chill vibes and feeling less stressed… especially if you’re traveling this year. I’d even say we can work to use this time to get clear on what we want and use our time to stir up so much love for ourselves and everyone we come into contact with.

First, let me ask you this… what do you want to get out of this holiday season? Have you ever thought about setting the intention, or asking yourself what will need to be done for you to receive the kind of end result you want? It can be as simple as weight loss, booking a trip, maintaining a certain fitness level, a relationship desire or a self-love practice goal.

I’m really big on setting the intention and us using our power to decide. Most things in our lives, relationships, the health, the money or fun we want – truly come down to us deciding that it’s time for us to have it.
I always ask and pose this question because it’s a big one. It’s what leads human nature mode. Besides the parties & gifts, what do you really want in your heart of hearts? Is it a new mindset, specific health goal, more travel or to lose 20 pounds? If you’ve decided you know what you want, then I’ve included some thoughts below that will help you get there. If you haven’t, use the points to help you begin brainstorming or get your mind moving in this direction.

Personally, I’m committed to enjoying this holiday season, abundantly. Celebrating God, thankfulness and life with my friends & family. And, not gaining any pounds through the new year.

Healthy snacks are always a great solution during the Holidays.

So, here are 7 ways I stay healthy & avoid weight gain during the holidays and my travel itineraries

1. Bring your own food – natural snacks, water or water bottle, fruits, nuts & healthy breakfast options.
Your health journey will always need to be intentional for it to be real. Unfortunately, one work out a month or a random salad does not create or sustain the body of your dreams. I love using leftover/ uneaten fruits & veggies as airplane snacks.

2.Drink plenty of water – the number one solve for health & weight loss is drinking water.
Aim for a gallon a day during the holidays and while traveling to stay feeling full & hydrated.

3. Start with healthy breakfast- avoid pastries, bagels, and bad carbs first thing in the morning.
These treats are usually around more during the holidays and easy to pop in your mouth. Do your best to say no sometimes. This is true for all the time, but especially during holidays when you’re more prone to eat more complex carbs & fattier foods throughout the day. Starting with a healthy breakfast in the morning will help set your digestive system for the day and help you feel less bloated, so plan ahead. Oatmeal and nuts are easy to pack, while proteins, fruits and veggies are good to have available. And again drink plenty of water.

4. Intermittent fast – minimally 12 hours, but maybe push it to 16 for heavy meal days.

5. Move your body – opt in for a walk with the little ones (nieces, nephews & cousins). Get your steps in, and burn some calories. My mom is always one to finish her steps in front of a movie before bed. So, when we’re all relaxing, maybe watching a Christmas movie or holiday movie, she’ll start V walking in place to finish her steps for the day. I’ve done it with her and honestly, woken up with my calves and glutes sore!

6. Set some time for mindfulness. Having good health, your desires met and experiencing love in your relationships all take great intentionality. Setting time aside to breathe, worship, express thankfulness & spiritual alignment is crucial to live a balanced life. We don’t receive what we want with little commitment, no risk or sacrifice. By being intentional to pray and get centered, we have more opportunity in our day and support to push past fears or comfort zones. By practicing this sort of strength & mindfulness, we will see favor & results in key areas, where you are willing to make little changes.

7. Build your team. – no one can stay this course solo.
We all need a team and minimally I’d recommend mind & body coaches, an accountability crew, educational books, and a list of podcasts/ influencers to follow for good support.

Article by Wellness Travel Editor: Wynita Yancy

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