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Savannah, Georgia Quickly Becoming A Top Travel Destination

Savannah, Georgia Quickly Becoming A Top Travel Destination

If you’ve been anywhere near a travel magazine or following travel influencers in the last couple years, you’ve probably seen Savannah, Georgia continuously springing up as one of the hottest destinations to visit currently. Maybe what caught your eyes first were those images of their colorful streets aligned with the curvaceous Live Oak Trees and strands of Spanish Moss dripping from the branches.
Or perhaps you’ve heard and even read a couple of top-notch reviews for the many new and trendy restaurants that are opening up all over the city.

A destination that has great food, all embracing architecture, complex history and charming streets is enough for me to pack it up and make it an adventure.
It’s a very special place but even a more special place to me, because that’s where I got engaged which again, is a great romantic place to get down on one knee (hint hint) for all the men reading. This town also has open container laws that allow alcoholic drinks in public within the district!
Savannah is filled with so much history you didn’t even know you needed to know.
Savannah was first settled in 1733, making it one of the oldest cities in the US and the oldest city in Georgia. The city was also very well planned meaning the neighborhoods in Savannah are arranged in grids with parks in between them. Savannah is also a great city to explore on foot. Everything is within walking distance and very easy to navigate.
The town looks like it’s straight out of a movie you’ve seen before with cobblestone streets and unique colorful homes. Many movies have been shot here because of its unique charm, for example, “Forrest Gump” was filmed here and you’ll quickly recognize. With that said, it’s a must see city for all to see and experience.
Here’s 5 things you must do when you visit Savannah.
1. Stroll Through the Park // Forsyth Park is a destination all on its own. Thankfully we stayed walking distance from it which let us experience it during all times of day. This park is perfect for a picnic, a run, outdoor concert or playtime for your little ones. Forsyth Park occupies 30 acres in Savannah’s Historic District.
You’ll also find the iconic fountain in the center of it all. If you’ve seen images of Savannah, you have seen the fountain. This fountain makes the perfect backdrop for a photo or any important moment. Before you leave, grab a bite to eat or drink at Collins Quarter. Such a great spot for the perfect Savannah experience.
2. Hop on a Trolley Tour // Hop on a trolley tour to get an overall overview of the city in the best way. These hop on, hop off tours make it really easy to explore Savannah in a quick way.
3. Go on a Ghost Tour // Savannah is the most haunted city in the USA so joining a ghost tour is a must-do when visiting. I’m all about immersing yourself in the city you are exploring.
4. Enjoy drinks with a view // Savannah has so many cool and beautiful places to eat and drink throughout the town. You would be surprised how many are hidden gems as well!
We went to Peregrin in the Perry Lane Hotel which is an open air lounge with exquisite views of the cityscape from the rooftop deck. Here, you can enjoy hand crafted premium cocktails, a carefully curated wine list and some yummy small plates to combine with your drinks.
5. Dig in to Southern Cooking // You can’t go wrong in Savannah. You’ll have an array of cuisine to choose from. From casual eateries to Michelin star restaurants, your tastebuds will be thanking you.
● The Olde Pink House
● Treylor Park
● The Paris Market
● Vic’s on the River
● The Coffee Fox
● Bar Julian

Written by: Carla Pallares

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