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Monterey County Offers Wealth of Things to Explore

Monterey County Offers Wealth of Things to Explore

In Monterey County, paths connect places, people and experiences, offering a wealth of things to explore. Every trip offers a new opportunity to connect with those around you, with nature and with yourself. With a breadth of different adventures and escapes, no matter the path – wellness, family, outdoor and epicurean – it all leads to an inspired experience.
The Wellness Path: Connect Within and Find Your Center
Combining the region’s iconic natural beauty with unique and immersive bespoke experiences, Monterey County is a haven for wellness seekers.
Reconnect with your mind, body and spirit as you immerse yourself in the tranquil trails along the pristine coastline of Pacific Grove, find your Zen in serene redwood forests and enjoy rejuvenating spa experiences at renowned resorts.
From indigenous-inspired treatments and shaman sessions to cold stream plunges and equine therapy programs, wellness travelers can experience a diverse array of rejuvenating activities, ensuring an enriching journey of self-discovery.
The Epicurean Path: A Culinary Voyage of Land and Sea
Monterey County is a haven for foodies, connecting diners with fresh seafood straight from the Monterey Bay, produce from the verdant Salinas Valley and award-winning wine poured tableside.
Culinary experiences are accompanied by acclaimed wines from the Carmel and Salinas valleys, the largest Chardonnay grower in the country, at esteemed and award-winning vineyards that offer immersive and authentic wine journeys.
Savor local classics, such as the iconic clam chowder served in a warm garlic bread bowl or fresh-caught calamari. For an elevated dining experience, indulge in delights crafted by Carmel-by-the-Sea’s Michelin-starred chefs like succulent abalone skewers and Dungeness crab ravioli.
Additionally, embark on a self-guided journey along the Artichoke Trail, a path winding through farm stands, local shops and restaurants throughout Monterey County, where two-thirds of the world’s artichokes are cultivated.
The Outdoor Path: Conquer New Horizons in Monterey County
Connect with Mother Nature as you explore Monterey County’s natural wonders. Monterey County boasts a treasure trove of outdoor adventures and is a veritable playground for wildlife lovers, leisure hikes and thrill seekers. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, wildlife spotting or skydiving over Seaside, Monterey County offers diverse landscapes, from 99 miles of sweeping coastline to endless trails into the redwoods and out of the valley. Explore miles of serene hiking trails that wind through the lush redwood forests of Big Sur and the coastal bluffs, perfect for leisurely strolls or challenging hikes.
For thrill-seekers, embark on exciting water sports such as kayaking in the pristine waters of Monterey Bay or scuba diving to discover the hidden gems living in the kelp forests. Watch the California condors while you hike ancient rock formations and discover caves at Pinnacle National Park or take a leisurely cruise down the Elkhorn Slough on the lookout for marine birds and sea otters. There’s a path, literally and figuratively, for every type of outdoor enthusiast to discover nature and themselves.
The Family Friendly Path: Adventures for the Young and Young at Heart
Creating cherished family memories is effortless in Monterey County. Brimming with attractions for kids and the young at heart, there is an abundance of opportunities for families to create lasting moments and connect with each other.
Explore the wonders of the ocean at the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium, where both young and old can marvel at marine life. Enjoy quality time together at the family-friendly resorts in Carmel Valley where adventure and relaxation blend seamlessly. Discover accessibility and inclusivity at new attractions like Orchard Lane Park in Soledad, the sensory children’s park designed to accommodate all children, or ride the rails through Marina State Park on a handcar tour, sure to tire out active kiddos.
For a classic family experience, venture to Dennis the Menace Park, a beloved local destination where kids can run, play and let their imaginations roam free. The possibilities are as diverse as your family’s unique interests, ensuring that every family member can find their own path to an unforgettable family adventure.
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