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Hotel Nantipa Launches Blue Zone Wellness Experience

Hotel Nantipa Launches Blue Zone Wellness Experience

Hotel Nantipa – a Tico Beach Experience has launched an exclusive package that provides guests with insight into the way of life that helps residents of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula live longer, healthier lives.
As identified by researchers Michel Poulain, Dan Buettner, and Giovanni Mario Pes, the five blue zone regions around the world are hot spots for the most centenarians due to factors such as diet, community, movement and purpose.
The Nantipa Blue Zone Wellness Experience invites guests to immerse themselves in this micro-culture and explore natural ways to enjoy enhanced physical health, minimal stress, active days, and fulfilling encounters.

The Nantipa Blue Zone Wellness Experience pairs Nantipa hospitality with the following key blue zone pillars:
Put Loved Ones First – The Nantipa Blue Zone Wellness experience can accommodate families, friends or generations of travellers with various options for accommodation in suites, bungalows and three-bedroom villas, along with engaging, inclusive activities.
Embrace your ‘Plan de Vida’ – This sense of purpose has been identified as an element specific to the Nicoya Peninsula blue zone. Often identified as ‘why I wake up in the morning’ it’s a vital part of maintaining a positive outlook amongst elders in this Blue Zone community.
As part of the experience, guests are encouraged to journal their thoughts and intentions to record, plan and ideate, while distancing themselves from digital devices to remove external noise.
Mindset to Relax – As stress management is a key component to blue zone longevity, ​ the experience begins each day with a moment of mindfulness. The experience includes a yoga and meditation program where guests can choose between traditional practices or try a paired activity like acro-yoga either in the hotel’s brand new yoga Shala or on the beach surrounded by lush greenery and serene sounds.
Natural Activity – Exercise is woven into the day as part of a fun and laid back outdoor lifestyle. Guests can choose from a selection of bonding activities, including a rainforest hike followed by a dip in a waterfall, ziplining on a surfboard, a beach horseback ride, surf lessons, exploring the coastline by boat, snorkelling over an underwater volcano, or working up an appetite on a fishing trip.
Eat Local, Not Late – While nutrition is central to blue zone longevity, it’s not simply what, but also when you eat. The Blue Zone Wellness Experience helps guests shape their day the blue zone way: from a traditional breakfast of gallo pinto, fresh fruits and coffee, to an early evening dinner at Manzú enjoying a selection of blue zone dishes that combine locally sourced plant-based dishes with wild-caught fish direct from the sea. Guests are also invited to drink up to wind down, enjoying the balanced benefits of high-calcium Nicoyan water throughout the resort and a sundowner at 5pm, known as the optimum time to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, as the sun sets over the Pacific.
Social Culture – Being part of a community makes us feel comfortable and connected and is shown to have lasting health benefits. To connect guests with the local culture, ​ the package also includes the opportunity to visit a local family or one of the local ‘sodas’ to learn more about traditional Nicoyan culture first hand.
Connect with Mother Nature – Spiritual connection with nature is a way of life at Nantipa, which means protecting Santa Teresa for all beings who call it home. During their stay, guests can volunteer at ​ local non-profit coastal ranch CIRENAS, either in the turtle hatchery or at their permaculture and medicinal gardens.
Alternatively, guests can enjoy a moment of solitude discovering their own Robinson Crusoe beach in the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, Costa Rica’s first protected nature conservation lands. Back at Nantipa, organized beach clean-ups ​ help to clear microplastics from the ocean, before guests are rewarded with a fresh tropical fruit smoothie. ​
Sleep Right – None of this will make any difference without quality sleep allowing our bodies time to heal, recover, consolidate memories and improve motor skills. Guests can prepare for sleep with a cup of fresh herbal tea and daily in-room massage or reflexology treatment before being lulled to sleep by the natural sounds of the ocean.
“Here in Nicoya we perhaps take our way of life for granted, but it’s something that’s often remarked upon by our guests,” says Harry Hartman, General Manager and Owner of Nantipa. “We’re an outdoor culture, we enjoy being with people, taking our time, and eating what grows naturally around us – pura vida!”
Each package is tailor-made to guest preferences based on the number of participants, length of stay, and desired activities.
The Nantipa Blue Zone Wellness Experience package is bookable now at

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