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A Colombian Adventure- Solo Traveling, Making Memories

A Colombian Adventure- Solo Traveling, Making Memories

Medellin, the city of eternal spring. It has an enticing name, doesn’t it? It displayed more than great weather, providing a variety of delicious food, architecture, landscapes, history, agriculture, and outdoor activities. A great fit for anyone who visits.
My Solo Trip
I started my solo trip in the center of Medellin, staying at the InterContinental Medellin Hotel. During my first evening, I dined in the famous Andrés Carne de Res Restaurant where the music inspired my Latin side to come out and play, everyone swayed in ways one didn’t know they could.
As an active individual, I strive to make my trips compliment my lifestyle. I made my way to the Centro de Boterno where it was busy with fast moving locals and shopping centers. It was also the home to Antioquia Museum where Colombian natives Fernando Boterno’s and Pedro Nel Gomez large galleries were displayed.
A Rich History
Medellin has a rich history and presently continues to heal. Comuna-13 was once a notoriously dangerous part of Medellin but has been positively influenced by art and community functions.
I recall the streets packed with vibrant colors, children playing sports, and polychromatic brick homes with mountains in the background.

With an interest in agriculture, I met with Medellin Adventure Trails for an ATV tour around the beautiful plantations of Guarne and Rio Negro. The animals and flower farms provided more than a great view, it displayed the importance of farming in Colombia. Today it provides a fifth of Colombian jobs. We finished the tour at Truchera la Honda, a popular recreational trout farm. I had the best coconut rice of my life that day, a sweet end to my 5-day trip in Medellin.
Explore Cartagena
I then traveled to the historic city of beauty lying within colonial stone walls, Cartagena for 2 days. Residing at Hotel Casa Lola Deluxe Gallery represented Colombian realism because every corner told a story, and its ambience reflected the different cultures that forged Cartagena. Additionally, providing an exquisite menu of Caribbean food.
Balconies with flowers, cobblestone streets, and colonial architecture were very popular in Cartagena. People displayed their tropical and bohemian style clothing with purpose.
Given my short stay, I made it a priority to participate in the city’s free walking tour to learn its history. I enjoyed learning about Cartagena’s role in the expansion of the Spanish Empire, inquisition, and pirate attacks.
I recommend anyone who travels to take a free walking tour of the city, it allows you to learn and helps you determine what drives your interest for the rest of your stay.
Beach time..
A trip isn’t complete without touching sand and water. I visited Playa Blanca the next day. Located in the south of Cartagena on the island of Baru, known for its clear water and seafood selection. While heavily congested with visitors, I enjoyed sipping on a Paloma, watching children play, and meditating while floating in the water. Serenity.

Written by: Melissa Mireles

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