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ReplenishATX: Self-Care When Traveling

ReplenishATX: Self-Care When Traveling

Self-caring while traveling can be difficult as we are ripped from everything in our comfy, predictable bubbles and placed in a new environment full of potential and new experiences! Although all this “newness” can be invigorating, we cannot take for granted our need to for self-care and the soothing comforts of home. As we take flight into the magical bliss of vacation and travel, finding ways to ground ourselves and practice mindfulness can be a great act of self care.
A Piece of Home
This may seem silly but bringing a small piece of home that is part of your daily ritual can be incredibly grounding and soothing to your psyche as you venture into the unknown. This may be a pillow case, your favorite face towel, photograph, or a meaningful item given to you by a loved one. This grounding object may bring great comfort and solace if a moment of home-sickness or disconnect arises.
Try Something New
Seemingly the antithesis of the previous tip: pushing yourself to try something new can bring about a surge of empowerment, self-esteem, and meaning to your trip. This may mean trying a new food, going on a thrilling excursion, or simply striking up a meaningful conversation with a stranger. Pushing past feelings of fear or discomfort or striking an item off our proverbial bucket list may allow us to return home with a new sense of accomplishment and self worth.
Ritual Retention
Sometimes we get in a funk when we travel because we lose our cathartic rituals that usually take up vital space in our daily lives. Practicing mindfulness around continuing these rituals can allow us to nourish our minds and bodies and maintain a felt safety in our new location. If you wake up every morning and do the same stretches, do them in your hotel room too! If you wind down at night with your favorite decaf tea, make sure you pack a few in your luggage so you can feel connected to your grounding rituals no matter when you lay your head that evening. Create Your Own Adventure
You know the familiar shelves of vibrant activity pamphlets that scream at you in the Hotel Lobby? Sure these are packed with fun tourist-y things to do but you can also create your OWN ADVENTURE. Look up the most beautiful park and have a tea party. Bring a great novel to a nearby rooftop lounge. Find a way to combine the local scenery with something you already love to do. This can be a great way to combine new exciting experiences with old comforting ones.
Ultimately, practicing mindful self-care while traveling comes down to planning, implementation, and self reflection. If we remain cognizant of our own needs: (physical, mental, emotional) as we trek to new thrilling settings, we remain grounded in who we are and obtain a newfound ability to truly benefit from these experiences.
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